[Verse] If I could put my arms around you Would you remember how it feels To bask in the glow of my protection? Stumble and fall head over heels If I could only find the right words I'd sweep you off your feet again You cut the power, but mine is raging A dreamer 'til the end [Chorus] I'm hanging on your side of town I notice when you're not around Can't keep my cool, I'm burning inside A broken heart, beat barely alive And it's harder to breathe 'Cause I couldn't make you believe What's written in the heavens above Can't be denied, it's biggеr than love [Bridge] The streets are dripping with dеcisions of a quiet kind Hallucinations on the shoulder of the borderline With my experience, I'm better off just backing down Instead of tripping through the pages of your side of town Serrated edges of the blade are scraping over the leather I guess we couldn't keep it together I thought we had it covered forever